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Books about praying

  • How Do I Pray? A little book of guidance, John Pritchard, SPCK, 2015.
    An insightful introduction to the art and power of prayer, explaining how to slow down enough to hear what God wants to say and how to become more in tune with the Spirit.
  • When I Pray, What Does God Do? David Wilkinson, Monarch, 2015.
    An accessible and intelligent book from a scientist and theologian who considers questions such as: How does God work in a world of science? Why doesn’t God answer prayers more often? Has God acted in history?
  • How to Pray: Alone, with others, at any time in any place, Stephen Cottrell, Church House Publishing, 2010.
    A clear, practical book on how to relate all of life to prayer.
  • New Testament Prayer for Everyone, Tom Wright, SPCK, 2012.
    Gives insights into the teaching of Jesus on the meaning and practice of prayer, with stimulating questions for reflection.
  • The Greatest Prayer, John Dominic Crossan, SPCK, 2011.
    The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ (‘Our Father, who art in heaven…’) is probably the best known Christian prayer. This book explains it line by line and shows how it is still relevant today.

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Books of prayers and meditations

  • Just As I Am, Ruth Etchells, SPCK, 2008.
    A rich companion of personal prayers to make your own at the beginning and end of the day.
  • The Open Gate, David Adam, SPCK, 2006.
    A wealth of resources for daily prayer and meditation written in a Celtic style.
  • Wonder, Fear and Longing: A book of prayers, Mark Yaconelli, SPCK, 2011.
    Includes stories, images, contemplative exercises, poetry, classical prayers and creative meditations on prayer.
  • Occasions for Alleluia, David Adam, SPCK, 2006.
    Helps us recognize that there are moments in each day of our lives that are cause for thanksgiving, when we may pause and praise God.
  • Holding on and Letting Go: Reflections, stories, prayers, Chris Leonard, SPCK, 2009. Includes many real life stories along with reflections and prayers for those looking for God in their own, seemingly ordinary, lives.

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Websites and apps about prayer

  • trypraying
    A resource for people with no church connection or interest, but who are open to finding out about God. You can download an app that contains ideas of things to do, suggestions about how to connect with God and honest prayers, or you can request a free seven-day prayer guide.
    Find help and advice on praying, see live prayer and add your own prayer.
  • Sacred Space
    Offers free daily online prayer. For each day there is a new prayer, with six short stages, including preparing your body and mind, and ending with a reflection on a short Bible Each stage is a meditation aimed at helping you to get in touch with God, and God’s presence in your life.
  • Pray As You Go
    A free daily prayer session, designed for use on portable MP3 players, to help you pray whenever you find time. Each prayer session combines music, a Bible reading and some questions for reflection to help you grow in your relationship with God.
  • Three-minute Retreats
    Gives a short Bible passage, questions for reflection and a short prayer all set to music and available for free.
  • Christian Mindfulness
    Suggestions Christian meditations that encourage self-awareness and God-awareness. Some mediations are available for free, others need to be purchased.
  • Thy Kingdom Come
    Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ.
  • 24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice working in more than half the nations on earth. We help millions of people in thousands of locations to encounter God and engage with the needs of the world. To find out more about how to set up a prayer room or engage further please head to


Find out more about Christianity

Books about Christianity

  • Ten: Why Christianity makes sense, John Pritchard, SPCK, 2014.
    A candid and often witty look at some of the main concerns about faith, including ‘Ten problems people have with faith’ and ‘Ten things I don’t believe about God’.
  • Simply Christian, Tom Wright, SPCK, 2011.
    A lively and accessible case for Christian faith from the ground up, which assumes that the reader is starting with no predisposition to and perhaps even some negativity towards religion and Christianity.
  • What is Christianity? A little book of guidance, Rowan Williams, SPCK, 2015.
    A short book for all those who wonder what the Christian faith is all about, and what difference it really makes.
  • What do we mean by God? A little book of guidance, Keith Ward, SPCK, 2015.

Written for those looking for answers to life’s biggest questions, this short book will appeal to anyone looking for a quick and easy way into the topic.

  • Why are we Here? A little book of guidance, Alister McGrath, SPCK, 2015.
    A brief introduction to how science can take us only so far in answering the big questions about why the universe exists and why we are in it, and how Christianity can take us further.
  • Why go to Church? A little book of guidance, SPCK, 2015.
    Takes an honest look at what the church is really for and how it works. This short book is for all who wonder what it must be like to be part of a community of people who are trying to follow the life and teaching of Jesus.
  • Beginning Again on the Christian Journey, John Pritchard, SPCK, 2014.
    Practical help and encouragement for anyone looking for a new start to their spiritual journey.
  • Mere Christianity, S. Lewis, William Collins, 2012.
    One of the most popular and beloved introductions to the concept of faith ever written, ‘Mere Christianity’ has sold millions of copies worldwide since its first publication in 1952 and presents a powerful, rational case for Christianity.
  • What is the Point of being a Christian? Timothy Radcliffe, Continuum, 2005.
    Explains how, although Christians are in no way morally superior, their lives should be marked by some form of hope, freedom, happiness and courage.

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Books about the Bible

  • How to Read the Bible (without switching off your brain), Simon J. Taylor, SPCK, 2015.
    Explains what the Bible is, offers an overview of what is found in it, and addresses questions people ask, such as: Does science disprove the Bible?, Why is there so much violence in the Bible? And what does the Bible say about sex?
  • Why Read the Bible? A little book of guidance, Tom Wright, SPCK, 2015.
    A short book that unpacks the contents of the Bible and explains the meaning of its inspiration, impact and authority.  A book for all who are curious about how God’s voice can be heard today.
  • Bible to Go, Sister Elizabeth Pio, SPCK, 2014.
    An entertaining book that invites you to start reading the Bible anywhere, including the train station, the pub or when cleaning the bathroom.
  • The SPCK Bible Guide: An illustrated survey of all the books of the Bible ­– Their contents, themes and teachings, Henry Wansbrough, SPCK, 2013.

Gives a clear and comprehensive view of what the Bible contains, including its major themes and key teachings, and what it means for today.

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Other ways to find out more about Christian faith

    Access a wealth of information about God, the life of Jesus, and Christianity. You can also ask to be sent the story of the life of Jesus, start an email conversation about Christianity, ask to be prayed for, or find a discussion group or church. If you do make contact, no one will telephone, visit, spam or bother you; the information you give will only be used to respond to what you have asked for.
    Encourages you to explore Christianity and think through what life is about. It includes short videos that answer tough questions such as: Are all religions the same? Was Jesus just a great teacher? And has science shown that Christianity is wrong?
    You can find a local Alpha course, which offers an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a friendly an open environment. Typically an Alpha course has around 10 sessions and includes food, a short talk and a discussion in which you can share your thoughts.
    Enter your postcode or a place and find information about churches near you.
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    Offers Christian advice, answers, prayer and encouragement and live chat. It is not able to provide professional counselling.